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“is your airconditioner making you sick!”
you must readily change filters and clean you’re a/c system, let us book it in every 12 month and you
 don’t need to worry!

Air conditioning service $199* includes 2 x filters, clean and disinfect system, change Polyphenol Catechin air cleaning filter and the Deoderizing filters at least every 12 months, clogged filters will cause your system to run inefficiently, & will put your system in shut down mode. *Split Systems only

Electrical Safety Check
Valued at $120

We offer a free elctrical safety check of your property.

This type of check needs to be done regularly, particularly for older buildings, or if you've just moved into a new home.



New complete LED downlight
fitting & installation 

(5yr warranty)


Retrofit from existing
halogen downlights

Add style & value to your house

Convert from existing halogen downlights to complete LED fitting with 5yr warranty $59ea* fully inclusive using existing wiring, minimum of 10 swapovers to receive this special

New outdoor sensor light installation including override switch  

New weatherproof
powerpoint installation

New powerpoint installation
(Many varieties available)

Surge Protection

RCD (Safety Switch) installation

Kitchen or Bathroom Exhaust fan

Hot water full service and inspection $149.00

Check your thermostat setting for optimum heating efficiency, ensure your off peak is working correctly, check for leaks and wiring issues such as “hot joints” where cables join (hot water systems can draw 20amps per element and can cause massive heat problems to cables if not done correcxtly) and avoid larger repair issues, check circuit breaker and safty devices, check thermal overloads and pressure relief valves.

Japanese toilet seats
899 fully installed
with 2 year warranty.

Includes New GPO to RCD and Plumbing connection to existing water outlet for toilet cistern. Save money on toilet paper and pay off the toilet seat fast!